Little Baby Grains Premium Brown Rice and Organic Supergreens Instant Cereal 15gx10’s/pc


150g/pack, 15g x 10 sachets


  • Product of Malaysia
  • Suitable for babies from 6-months-old
  • Serve this for the first 7-10 days, then use the Starter Kit for 6-8 Months / Let’s Eat / Fresh Start
  • Fortified with M-Gard® to boost baby’s immunity
  • Made from specially selected premium brown rice, free from arsenic and heavy metals including mercury and lead
  • Easy preparation: Open sachet, add hot water/milk and mix till smooth!


Ingredients : Brown rice powder, instant cereal powder, organic alfalfa, organic barleygrass, organic wheatgrass, organic oatgrass, organic wheatgrass, M-Gard® yeast beta-glucan


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