Double Happiness Rice Puff Fruits Series – Durian & Corn ( Small ) 10g/pc




  • Product of Malaysia
  • Suitable for babies 9 months-old and up
  • MeSTI certification
  • Step 2 version with smaller, flower-shaped puffs for better hand-eye coordination
  • Made from a unique combination of fruits and vegetables for a healthy snack
  • Visually appealing with natural colors to capture baby’s attention
  • High in calcium for healthy bone development
  • Made with all-natural ingredients, without any artificial flavouring or colouring
  • Made with real Musang King durian and sweet corn, this snack is a delicious way to introduce your little ones to unique and authentic flavours
  • Perfect size for small hands to hold and explore new texture
  • Convenient and portable packaging for on-the-go snacking


Calrose Rice, Durian, Corn, Calcium Carbonate, Rice Bran Oil


Store in a dry place at room temperature. Once opened, sealed tightly and consume within 7 days for maximum freshness.




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