Alcosm 75% Classic Alcohol Pad – Single Pad Pack (50 packs/box)


50 packs/box

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As we develop new hand cleaning habits, don’t forget to always clean & sanitize your personal belongings which you frequently use and touch, such as your mobile phone, glasses etc.

Formulated specifically for lenses, glasses and screens. While ensuring the same 99.9% effectiveness to eliminate harmful bacteria, viruses and germs, we have also taken careful consideration to make sure our alcohol pads are scratch-free, quick-drying, and leave no watermark behind after wiping

  • FDA, NDC & EN1276 Tested
  • Wipes material: 40gsm Wet Strength Paper
  • Wipe size: 120mm x 160mm
  • Carry on-the-go

Active ingredient: 75% ethyl alcohol

Inactive ingredient: Advanced 6-stage purified RO water

Fragrance: Fragrance-free